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We are synonymous with quality, innovation and business ethics.

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The FERSIL Group has established itself in the last 30 years of history as a leader in the piping systems sector in Portugal. Today it is synonymous of quality, innovation and business ethics in the countries where it operates and markets its wide range of products. This is our formula to generate consistent results over the years, ensuring excellent opportunities for the people who work, sell and buy our products.

Our Brands

FERSIL Freitas & Silva, S.A. is, since 1978, the leading Portuguese company in the production of pipes and fittings, in plastic materials.

IBOTEC is a national company founded in 1983, part of the Fersil Group. It has always been a dynamic company focused on the most advanced solutions, constantly improving its manufacturing techniques.

FIL Tubos de Angola is a plastics processing company, located in the Industrial Zone of Viana, Luanda, part of the Fersil Group.

Themaguia - Export and Import, Lda, which is dedicated to complementing the provision of logistical and commercial services to our customers.


Global presence and innovation

The Fersil Group has consolidated itself throughout its history as a leader in piping systems.

We are based in Cesar, county of Oliveira de Azeméis and have a large industrial park with more than 200,000 m2, with several specialized industrial units with an installed capacity of 52,000 tons/year, using the most modern technologies in the design, development, production and control of a wide range of pipes and fittings, for the most diverse applications and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

We are dedicated to creating, developing and manufacturing plastic pipe systems for the construction of buildings, infrastructure works, agricultural irrigation networks, domestic gardening, technical and industrial applications.

More than 40 years of experience

With three production centers spread over two continents, the group’s companies are distinguished for quality, innovation and business ethics in the countries where they operate and market their wide range of products.

The Fersil Group began its journey in 1978 with the company FERSIL - Freitas & Silva, with which it was associated, five years later, with IBOTEC - Indústria de Tubagens, in a perspective of expanding its action in the market. Aiming at continuing the successful trajectory and strengthening its position in Africa, the Group inaugurated, in 2007, a new and modern manufacturing unit in Angola, FIL - Tubos Angola, Lda., and five years later appears, Fersil Moçambique, Lda which for strategic reasons was demobilized in 2020.

The search for new frontiers

Regarding the complementarity of the Group’s companies and in response to the requirements of the product distribution process, in 2009 Themaguia - Exportação e Importação was created.

Africa emerged naturally, in the expansion strategy, as a market alternative, not only because of the existing ties with the African people, but also because of the emerging need for infrastructure, which led to the creation of several programs for water supply and basic sewage in the populations, as well as encouraging irrigation projects that are the mainstay of growth in food production.

With the growing contribution of the African markets, the dependence on the Iberian market was reduced, which allowed to overcome the serious crisis in the construction sector that hit this market.