Agricultural irrigation brings together three very complete agricultural irrigation systems. The "IRRI" irrigation system and the sprinkler irrigation system, intended for the intensive irrigation of taller and vaster crops, and the drip irrigation system designed for irrigation of low-water consumption crops and trees and shrubs in parks and gardens. Garden watering brings Garden hoses, prepared for the most demanding and intensive uses.

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        Agricultural irrigation

        PVC IRRI system

        Designed for intensive irrigation of taller and vaster crops. For buried branches of agricultural irrigation.

        FERSIL IRRI PVC pipes NF-T 54-086 PMS10, PMS14 and PMS16, up to DN / OD 200mm, gray, with mouth with self- locking joint (JA).

        Sprinkler irrigation PVC

        PVC pipes and fittings with high UV resistance for sprinkler irrigation systems, complete range of pre- assembled sets for solutions with intensive irrigation needs such as cereal crops, tobacco and other vegetable crops.

        PEDB localized irrigation (drip)

        Designed for irrigating crops with low water consumption and for trees and shrubs in parks and gardens.

        • LDPE pipes with fluted and drip fittings, for use in low pressure micro-irrigation tertiary branch lines or in gravity systems.
        • Good resistance to UV rays guaranteeing good weather behavior, good flexibility and flow uniformity, which allows good management in water consumption and greater productivity of harvests.

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            Garden irrigation

            Garden watering range

            Garden hoses, designed for the needs of each garden combined with a careful design.

            Garden hoses in flexible PVC with plastic fittings, which allow versatile solutions and with different degrees of demand:

            • DUPLEX: Hoses with Double Reinforcement Technology (TDR), prepared for the most demanding and intensive uses.
            • DESIGN: Hoses for the most diverse applications and frequent use, gardening, food and industrial.
            • ECOLÓGICA: Economic and ecological hoses for the most diverse applications, gardening, household, agricultural and construction.

            Specialized irrigation range

            Specialized irrigation hose, allowing high water savings and localized irrigation.

            • MICROPERFURADA: Flexible flat hose with 3 microperforated ways, for microdiffusion irrigation.
            • MICROPOROSA: Hose with porous structure that allows controlled and uniform distribution at low pressures, for localized irrigation of beds, hedges, shrubs and vegetable plantations.
            • DRIPER IRRIGATION KIT: Versatile and modular system, low pressure for watering gardens, gardens, planters, hedges and pots.

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