Brings together a set of plastic piping systems applied to the exterior of buildings and public works. The two major groups are pressure and non-pressurized sewage, for the drainage of waste and rainwater, and pressure water supply systems.

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      Water supply

      Cold water and sewage with HDPE pressure

      FERSIL Pipes PE100 / PE80 EN 12201, PN6, PN8, PN10 and PN16, up to DN / OD1200mm, with end-to-end fusion fittings, electro-sealable fittings and plastic tightening fittings, black with list blue for cold water supply networks (W marking) and black or black with brown list for pressure sewage (P marking), with excellent performance both in pipelines, secondary and home branches, as well as pumping stations and outfalls, with greater tightness and durability.

      Cold water and sewage with PVC pressure

      FERSIL PVC-U EN ISO 1452 PN6, PN10, PN12,5 and PN16 pipes, up to DN / OD315mm, gray, with solvent cement mouth or with self-locking joint, (JA), FERSIL SANS 966- pipes 1 Class 9, up to DN / OD315mm, blue with mouth with self-locking joint (JA) and fittigs PVC-U EN ISO 1452 PN10, in gray, collar connection or with self-locking joint (JA). For conducting water for human consumption (W marking) on main lines, branches, domestic systems and agricultural irrigation or for soil and waste and pressure sewage (P marking).

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        Gas supply

        Gas supply

        FERSIL has developed a range of polyethylene (PE) pipes for conducting and supplying gaseous fuels (natural gas, butane, propane and LPG) with a maximum operating pressure of 0.4MPa (PN4 in Portugal) and 0.5 MPa (PN5 in Spain), being an excellent alternative when compared to traditional systems in Steel and Copper due to its high strength, lower density, greater flexibility, longevity and high chemical and UV resistance. These pipes are available in black with a yellow list (PE80 SDR11 and PE100 SDR17) or in Orange (PE100 SDR 17.6) and follow the product specifications defined by the EN 1555-1 and -2 standards and by the managing entities of the gas networks.

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            Burried sewage

            Buried sewage without pressure PP Duralight

            FERSIL PP Duralight Wall Structured (Corrugated) Pipes and Fittings U Series EN 13476-3 SN8, up to DN/OD 1000mm, brick on the outside and white on the inside, with Duralight lip o-ring. High circumferential stiffness (SN8), excellent resistance to impact, temperature and chemical agents, light and economically attractive. It has become the preferred option for underground sewage and stormwater drainage, with and without heavy traffic loads.

            Buried sewage without pressure PVC

            FERSIL PVC-U series U-series EN 1401 SN2 and SN4 pipes and fittings, up to DN/OD315mm, FERSIL 3KKK PVC-U series U-series wall-structured (foamed) EN 13476-2 SN2 and SN4 pipes, up to DN/OD200mm, gray and brick, with lip o-ring (TD) and self-locking gasket (JA). With good impact resistance. For underground sewage and stormwater drainage in traditional installations in places with lower traffic loads.

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                Agricultural and civil drainage

                PE 2DREN - Perforated pipes IBOTEC PE 2DREN structured wall (corrugated) U Series UNE 53994, single-wall C1 (in roll with and without geotextile blanket, fully perforated (TP)) and double wall C2 (in semi-perforated rod ( AP) and in roll (TP)), up to DN / OD200mm, yellow on the outside and natural on the inside, in the classes of normal drainage (ND - SN2) and special drainage (ED - SN4). Developed for buried rain drainage networks, agricultural use, green parks, sports facilities, water channels, embankments and retaining walls, cellars, tunnels, roads, train lines and parking lots.

                Civil drainage - PP

                Collector pipes and perforated pipes FERSIL PP structured wall (corrugated) U Series UNE 53994, double wall C2, in fully perforated (TP) and semi-perforated (AP) rod, up to DN / OD800mm, brick, drainage class special ED (SN4). Developed to complement the PE 2DREN range, for buried rain drainage networks, in green parks, sports grounds, water channels, embankments and retaining walls, basements, tunnels, roads, train lines and parking lots.

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                    Electric and telecommunications

                    IBOTEC 2WW

                    Structured double-walled pipes and fittings (corrugated exterior and smooth interior), in PE, for buried plumbing to protect electrical, telecommunications and fiber optic cables. With different versions of mechanical resistance, class L250 (SN2) for light use and class N450 (SN4) for normal use, developed for every installation need.

                    FIL Filótica

                    Pipes and fittings in HDPE for buried fiber optic pipes, sized to be installed in long distance networks (black) or in urban networks (orange) and subsequently received inside, by blowing or manual threading with a traction guide, the cables of fibre-optic, fulfilling the requirements of the specifications of the managing entities of the fiber-optic networks in Angola.

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