FIL Tubos de Angola is a plastics processing company, located in the Industrial Zone of Viana, Luanda, part of the Fersil Group.


Since its foundation in 2007, it has always been a dynamic company focused on the most advanced solutions, in the area of infrastructure construction, agricultural irrigation and plumbing in buildings.

Using innovative technologies, FIL has a manufacturing unit specialized in the design, development, production and control of a wide range of pipes and fittings, for the most diverse applications, and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Electric Cables
Natural Gas
Watering Systems

FIL is the first manufacturer in Africa of structured wall pipes, leading with its product innovations in sanitation networks and cable protection.

The commitment to continuous training of Angolan workers proved to be assertive to facilitate the introduction in Angola of the most advanced technologies in the manufacture of pipe systems in plastic materials.

Research and Development

The construction of a laboratory with the capacity to carry out all the tests of the reference standards, is the guarantee of the quality to which we subject our products.

FIL created a production center in Viana and a distribution and storage network, having opened stores in Viana, Lobito, Lubango and Huambo.

Taking advantage of the synergies and experience of the Fersil Group, FIL intends to be a reference in Africa in the medium term, making a presence with its products in the main markets, seeking to lead in the manufacture and commercialization of complete and innovative solutions for pipes and fittings in plastic materials.

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Ensuring the satisfaction of our customer's needs, we present catalogs of our different ranges, divided by the different solutions.

Fersil Group

In this catalog, we tell a story of the Fersil Group

Catalog | Sewer

The Fersil Group has a complete range of sewage piping systems, strongly implanted in the market, with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Buildings | Water and cable routing

The Fersil Group presents in this catalog several ranges of piping systems in thermoplastic materials for domestic hot water and heating networks, for the distribution of cold water with pressure and for electrical.

Infrastructures | Pressurized water and sewage, gas and electric

The Fersil Group's Infrastructures catalog brings together a set of high quality piping systems, in plastic material, applied to the exterior of buildings, in civil engineering public works.

Infrastructures | Sewage and drainage

The Fersil Group's Infrastructures catalog brings together a set of high-quality piping systems, in plastic material, applied to the exterior of buildings, in civil engineering public.

Agricultural Irrigation

The Fersil Group's Agricultural Irrigation catalog brings together two very complete agricultural irrigation systems. The drip irrigation system and the sprinkler irrigation system.

IBOTEC | Hose and fittings

Garden hoses, designed for the needs of each garden combined with a careful design.

IBOTEC | Spiral Plus Range

Pipes manufactured with the most advanced technology and with rigorously selected raw materials, for the most diverse applications, food and industrial.

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